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About PowerFlex Gym

Since opening its doors to the public in 1991, PowerFlex has produced many of Quebec's top ranked bodybuilders and trainers and was awarded a record 17 Best Gym Awards, including Natural Quebec 1995-1999, 2001- 2008; Quebec Provincial 1995, 1998, 2001; Quebec de l'est 1997; Montreal Metro Testé 1999; Coupe Pro Gym 1999; Montreal 2003. Since then, the training teams that have taken up the reins at PowerFlex are being recognized as the best in Canada. This is no idle boast: just look up Big Daddy Fitness and Ludachris Fitness and see for yourself.

To really understand what PowerFlex is about, let’s consider a situation that we have all been in: you need to choose a garage for your car repairs. You’re having car problems – everytime you go out your engine stalls and you need to get it fixed – pronto.

Not far from you are two garages: Platinum Garage and Gus’s.

Platinum Garage is one of a chain of high end garages. You drive your car there (you just make it – it didn’t stall this time) and walk in the entrance. There is a beautiful woman at a reception counter who is chatting with another young woman who is serving moka lattes to the dozen’s of people that are waiting in the reception room while their cars are being attended to. The garage is like nothing you have ever seen: high ceilings, jazzy background music, plush sofas and arm chairs.

You get the young woman’s attention. She asks for your keys and wants to know if you would like some biscotti with your moka latte. She then gives you a 10 page form to fill out that asks you, amongst the 300 questions that you must answer, your favourite movie, the colour of your first car, do you own a pet, and would you be interested in subscribing to their on line news letter (for a nominal fee of $50 a month). A well groomed young mechanic soon appears from nowhere, takes the keys, asks you for the make of your car, and says that all will be fixed shortly. You quickly ask him how he plans on fixing the car when he does not know what is wrong with the car. He says “Don’t you worry sir! Here at Platinum we always have your interests at heart!!” Before you can respond he dashes out.

You take a seat in the uber snazzy reception hall and hang out with the well dressed twenty and thirty something upwardly climbing young professionals that are engrossed in their cell phones and sipping their lattes. You ask one of them if this is the first time that they come to the garage.

“Oh no, I come here almost every week.”

“Every week!?! You come here for the free coffee?”


“For repairs.”

“Your car is falling apart?.”

“No. It’s only two years old. Every time I leave the same problem comes back. In fact, no one’s car ever really gets fixed.”


“Look how nice it is here. Free lattes, beautiful people, soft couches. It’s amazing.”


About an hour later you get your car. You get a nice bill of $800 for “complete diagnostic analysis to the quantum level, tune up including adjustment of ancillary molecules, and readjustment of flux capacitors.” It stalls 5 mins after you leave the garage. You get out and push it to Gus’s, which is just down the street.

As you approach Gus’s a few people chatting outside the front entrance rush over and help you push the car into the lot. You thank them and they tell you it’s nothing – anyone at Gus’s would help out.

You walk in the entrance and are greeted by a serious mechanic, covered in grease and oil, scanning through schematics on the computer at the reception desk. He stops what he is doing and asks you how he can help.

“My car keeps stalling.”

“Does this happen right away or some time after you start up the car”

“Yes! Anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes after I turn the ignition”

“I think I know what the problem is. What model and year is your car?””

After he takes down a few more details, he gets one of his younger mechanics to bring in the car. You wait in the reception area while the car is fixed. There are no lattes, no pretty young receptionist, no plush couches. In fact, the place is really ‘no frills’: just pictures of hot rods and motorcycles hanging on the walls, and of course a ‘SNAP ON’. A real garage reception room.

About an hour later the mechanic that first greeted you comes out and explains, in detail, what the problem was, what he did to fix it, what you need to do to maintain the engine so that it does not happen again, etc. You get a bill for $125. You ask why so little. He explains that’s what it cost to fix it. No reason it should be more. Plus he owns the place, so he does most of the fixing himself since he has been breathing car engines for 50 years.

So if your car were to break again, where would you go? I’m willing to bet it would be Gus’s – I believe everyone would select Gus’s.

Now instead of a garage, let’s consider a gym. You need to ‘repair’ your body. Are you going to go to the gym that looks beautiful and gives you all the frills but has NO IDEA what it’s doing, how to get your body to become the masterpiece of health you want it to become, or are you walking into the gym that has a proven track record stretching over 28 years of producing the best athletes in Montreal? Oh, and this gym that actually knows what it’s doing costs a fraction of the other gym. It ain’t all snazzy inside, but damn it has everything that you need and more. And the people have been doing this ALL THEIR LIVES, DAY AND DAY OUT. The owner trains like a mad dog and has trainers that produce pro card athletes. They know their shit and live and breathe iron. It is their greatest passion. It is not for the money, but simply because they love training and want everyone who walks in their door to share in that passion. That gym, that’s PowerFlex.

A church is not the building, but the pastor and congregation that unite to transcend spiritually. A university is not the collection of buildings, but the teaching staff and curriculum that molds students’ minds. A gym is not a fancy loft with shiny new equipment – it is the body of training knowledge in owner and staff and their passion that will enable you to achieve your goals and go beyond. That bench press, whether it is 20 years old or brand new, does exactly the same job. That treadmill, whether it has a TV on it or just a control panel, does the same thing: allows you to run. The difference are the staff and members: their passion and knowledge that permeate every inch of the gym. This is PowerFlex.

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Our Mission

PowerFlex's mission is to play a key role in the health and wellbeing of our members by offering state-of-the-art facilities, a positive environment, and a wealth of knowledge and experience in training methods and nutrition. Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds, improve your cardiovascular conditioning, or completely transform yourself, our mission is to help you get wherever you want to go.

Our Commitment

PowerFlex is committed to making one of Montreal's premier gyms as widely accessible to as many people from all walks of life, age, and nationalities. We believe physical wellness should not be for just the privileged. While most gyms today, including inferior ones charge their members over inflated membermship fees, PowerFlex offers their members the most competive rates in the industry. Our customers have supported us for almost 25 years, because we have supported them and we plan to do so for another 25 years.

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