PowerFlex: Making the GYM SAFE for you to Train

These are the MEASURES that PowerFlex has implemented at this time for it's reopening:

• Nightly and thorough CLEANING of the entire gym establishment.

• Daily professional ELECTROSTATIC DISINFECTION of the entire gym premise.

• Disinfectant spray bottles available for before and after use of gym equipment.

 • Sanitizer pumps  located throughout the gym.

• Limited membership entry into the gym to ensure safe social distancing.

• Staggered or cordoned off equipment to respect the 2 meter rule.

• Plexiglas shield barriers at reception to protect staff and members.

• Temporarily CLOSED: water fountains, sauna, showers and AEROBICS

MEMBERS - making it SAFE to train at POWERFLEX. Thesse are the measures that ALL members must follow to make PowerFlex a safe environment for all:

• A personal towel is mandatory to train.

• MUST disinfect your hands BEFORE entering the gym. (Dispenser available before turnstile)

• Bring a water filled bottle. Water fountains are not available. (We still offer water bottles for $1.)

• MUST practice 2 meter social distancing with other members at all times.

• MUST wear a mask if accessing washroom/changing room (masks will be available for purchase).

• Disinfect machine before and after each use: spray bottles and paper towels are now distributed throughout the gym for your use.

• SNEEZE or COUGH in your elbow at all times!

• Limit your training session to 1 hour.

• DO NOT COME to the gym if you are sick. If you show symptoms, you will be told to leave the gym!

We are all in this together. PowerFlex is doing all it can to make safe training possible in this new reality. We need you to do your part as well.

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Our Mission

PowerFlex's mission is to play a key role in the health and wellbeing of our members by offering state-of-the-art facilities, a positive environment, and a wealth of knowledge and experience in training methods and nutrition. Whether you are looking to shed a few pounds, improve your cardiovascular conditioning, or completely transform yourself, our mission is to help you get wherever you want to go.

Our Commitment

PowerFlex is committed to making one of Montreal's premier gyms as widely accessible to as many people from all walks of life, age, and nationalities. We believe physical wellness should not be for just the privileged. While most gyms today, including inferior ones charge their members over inflated membermship fees, PowerFlex offers their members the most competive rates in the industry. Our customers have supported us for almost 25 years, because we have supported them and we plan to do so for another 25 years.

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