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PowerFlex Aerobics & Aerobics Classes

From the most intense fat burning, butt hardening, and muscle tightening aerobic classes to yoga, PowerFlex offers a wide spectrum of classes and levels so you can realize the ultimate in physical fitness.

Your PowerFlex membership PowerFlex membership includes access to ALL classes. PowerFlex recommends you consult a physician before joining any exercise program of making any major changes to your diet.

Class Descriptions

Aero Kickboxing
Rhythmic cardio routines incorporating kickboxing that will push your cardiovascular and muscular capacities.

Wednesday Warrior
High Intensity Interval Training that will build strength and endurance and boost your conditioning.

Step Bootycamp
An intense workout, resistance and cardiovascular, that targets the abs and lower body, especially the glutes.

Cardio Blast
This class is an advanced cardiovascular workout using power movements and the step.

An intensive cardiovascular workout followed by muscle strengthening exercises that focus on the hips and glutes.

Fat Blaster
High intensity and endurance based workout designed to burn body fat.

High Intensity Training with maximum calorie burn. HIT every muscle in your body. Different circuits every week.

Yoga conecentrates on physical health and mental well-being by utilizing body postures (osanas), breathing techniques (pranayama) and meditation (dyana).

Kickass Aerobics
Two workouts in one; sweat through some kicking and punching followed by total body strength training workout using weights.

Pilates Hardcore
Hardcore takes basic Pilates to the next level – one hour intense core workout.

Pilates Sculpt
An intermediate Pilates workout using BOSU and weights. Half of this class will focus on alignment of the spine, hips and back using a foam roller.

Stretch & Restore YOGA
With the aid of props this deep stretch class will relax and retore you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Vinyasa Flow and Stretch
A flowing Yoga class that synchronizes breath with a chain of yoga postures to improve mental focus and muscle tone. Mindful stretches to improve flexibility and quiet the mind.

Step Mash-Up
High energy step class combined with muscle toning intervals. Designed to blast fat and burn calories.

Step Zone
An advanced cardiovascular workout using the Step.

Tae Box & Step
This class promotes both cardio and muscle training through box and step.

World Rhythms
Latin and Carribean choreographies that will challenge your heartrate while you discover rhythms from around the world.

Yoga Sculpt
A style of yoga that builds strength, flexibility and balance.

Yoga / Pilates Fusion
Utilizing the 12 yoga postures together with contemporary movements to provide conditioning, strengthening and flexibility work fused together for one all-over workout.

Deep Stretch Yoga
Dyanmic postures that will help strengthen and tone your body, including breathing exercises.

Latin Groove class offerering a high-energy mix of the best Latin hits, including salsa, merengue, bachata and reggaeton. Be ready to sweat, get in shape and have fun!

An intensive cardiovascular workout incorporating salsa and meringue moves and weights.

Party time ZUMBA!!

An intensive cardiovascular workout incorporating salsa and meringue moves.

Class Schedules

*Please note ALL classes are one hour long.

*Start Time Class Instructor
9:30 amStep Mash-UpTina
12:00 pmYoga/Pilates FusionLouise
5:00 pmFAT BLASTERLouise
6:10 pmZUMBAJennifer
7:15 pmStretch and Restore YogaJennifer
9:30 amAero KickboxingTina
5:30 pmLatin-BeatVirginie
6:30 pmCardio BlastFatima
7:30 pmPilates HardcoreLouise
9:30 amKickass AerobicsTina
12:00 pmVinyasa Flow and StretchKathleen
5:00 pmWednesday WARRIORTina
6:10 pmZUMBA PUMPJennifer
7:15 pmStretch and Restore YOGAJennifer
9:30 amCaribbeanL Martin
5:00 pmYOGA SculptLouise
6:10 pmStep BOOTY CAMPTina
7:15 pmZUMBA Dance ClubNicole
9:30 amZumbaHercy
12:00 pmPilates SculptLouise
5:00 pmH.I.I.TLouise
8:00 amYogaKathleen
9:00 amTae Box & StepFatima
10:15 amCaribbeanL Martin
9:00 amStep ZoneTina
10:10 amYoga/Pilates FusionLouise
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