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PowerFlex Gym's Personalized Training & Nutrition

As fitness professionals, nobody understands more than us how exercise and proper nutrition go hand in hand. PowerFlex offers personalized training programs which include a combination of safe and effective training methods and diet plans.

PowerFlex recommends you consult a physician before joining any exercise program of making any major changes to your diet.

Personalized Training

Our training staff includes some of the best trainers in Quebec – these are the same trainers that have been responsible for 17 ‘Best Team’ Awards in the past 13 years. Click here to meet our trainers.

Regardless of training experience, beginner or athlete, members benefit greatly from our knowledge and experience with our personal training programs. Knowing how to train is paramount to achieving your fitness goals.

We take into account your training experience, level of fitness, fitness goals and lifestyle when designing your personal training program. A private session is scheduled with a personal trainer who demonstrates the proper technique for each exercise detailed in your program.

Personalized Training Rates

Sessions Rate
1 Session$50.00
3 Session$135.00
5 Session$215.00
10 Session$400.00
20 Session$700.00
Prices include taxes and are subject to change without notice. Some conditions may apply.

PowerFlex Nutritional Guide

The following is a nutritional guide to help you achieve maxium power and your personal goals.

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