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weight training

A gym that guarantees more Equipment and Less Waiting.

PowerFlex has high equipment to square footage ratio. Whether you’re training for health or powerlifting, our center has plenty of machines and free weights for members to use at any time.

Try out our 150-pound dumbbells – you know you want to!


Loads of cardio machines! Treadmills, ellipticals, upright and recumbent bikes, steppers, step mills, rowers – PowerFlex has everything to challenge you to new levels of fitness.

personal Trainer
Personal training

The independent coaches of PowerFlex are the blacksmiths of human potential. They are called to forge lives. They strive to learn. They learn to teach. They teach to empower. They empower you to change your world for the better.

Regardless of your training experience, from beginner to elite athlete, being a member at PowerFlex you get to benefit greatly from the knowledge and experience of personal trainers who are set up in-house. Knowing how to train is paramount to achieving your personal fitness goals.

Each training program is created to progressively reach your goals while learning how to integrate better nutrition and exercise habits, improve your energy levels and better stress management.

Certified trainers take into account your training experience, level of fitness, fitness goals and lifestyle when designing your personal training program. Be it a single private session or a series of sessions, a personal trainer can make the whole difference by demonstrating the proper technique for each exercise while monitoring you progress detailed in your personal program.

health bar
Proshop and Health Bar

Need a little extra boost in your workout? There is something at our health bar to fuel you up before, during or after your workout. Our health bar offers the right variety of juices, drinks, shakes and power bars to help restore those electrolytes.

In close association with Popeyes, PowerFlex carries a full line of supplements at competitive prices, giving you everything you need to help support your journey to the best shape.

flex studio

PF Studio, a separate 1200 sq ft. newly designed and fully equipped area offering an ongoing number of private classes and sessions that include but not limited to:

Crossfit (sled, battle ropes, plyo box, cage, weightlifting)


Boot Camp


Self Defense

Martial Arts





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More than ever PowerFlex wants to spearhead and encourage physical activity among the youth in our community of VSL. We want to develop your child’s strength, stamina, teamwork and leadership skills, and more by enrolling them in our kids boxing & fitness programs. Do they need to train for hockey, soccer, football season? Qualified instructors will teach them the fundamentals of a fitness training, plus traditional boxing training, to help them get fit and elevate their confidence to new heights!



How do I register?

You register when you are ready to start training. Simply fill out an agreement with PowerFlex Gym containing your address, phone number, date of birth and a picture (taken in person) to create your membership card.

Can I register online?

Your membership can be filled out and activated when you come in and pay in person.

How old do I have to be to train at the gym?

Anyone under the age of 18 needs the consent of a parent or guardian to sign up and train at the gym. Those under the age of 14 are allowed to train with a parent or adult supervision.

What are the methods of payment?

Payments by cheque or cash are accepted at this time. Debit and credit card payment will be introduced shortly.

Is there free parking at the gym?

PowerFlex Gym is located in a strip mall with ample free parking.

What should I bring to train?

Always have a towel for personal use, a water bottle and a lock to store your personal belongings in the locker room. PowerFlex supplies all three at a nominal fee in case you forget to bring them in.

Can I bring a friend to train?

Yes! Bring a friend and they pay $10 instead of the regular $15 fee. And if they sign up for a membership within that same week, this fee will automatically be deducted from the total fee before taxes.