Since 1990


Our story began over 30 years ago when PowerFlex opened its doors in a small 4500 sq ft gym. Over the years, PowerFlex has trained and sent athletes to victory at bodybuilding and fitness competitions across Quebec, Canada and internationally. Our competitive bodybuilding and fitness family just exploded from there, and PowerFlex gained recognition across North America.

We garnered more awards than any other gym in Quebec (check out our Wall of Fame in the gym!). As our reputation grew into the mecca for bodybuilding coaching, our facilities grew alongside and pioneered the mainstream for core strengthening and fitness.

Now, more than ever, being fit and healthy is important for people of all ages. PowerFlex, a privately owned gym, welcomes all who want to improve: novice, serious athletes and competitors. Our members’ age range from as young as 14 years old to a very fit and mature 90 years. PowerFlex can easily be distinguished from other gyms because we are not only a gym but a community and a family where fitness and health define its core. PowerFlex gym has the equipment and coaching level that will meet your developmental needs, whatever they may be. The moment our staff and members know your name, you become part of the PowerFlex community.

Our Gym

PowerFlex is home to our members. We strive to foster a positive, friendly, and motivational atmosphere where you can work out to your fullest potential. We were formed specifically for those tired of the exhausting fees, contracts, rules, and cold atmosphere of commercial gyms.

PowerFlex is a family, a network, of supportive friendships between people from all different backgrounds who share the unique drive to become stronger, healthier, and more confident.

The Powerflex family is looking forward to meeting you. Finally, a gym culture that is established and where everyone is welcome.

Finally, A Gym Culture Where Everyone is Welcome

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Make a Change

Real People

         Real Results

We are known as the ‘old school’ gym where people from different backgrounds with different goals come together to achieve real results. PowerFlex is privately-owned and managed with passion. It is a center that is fully equipped with cardiovascular and strength-weight training that will surely meet your needs.

How do I register?

You register when you are ready to start training. Simply fill out an agreement with PowerFlex Gym containing your address, phone number, date of birth and a picture (we take on the spot) to create your membership card.

Can I register online?

Your membership can be filled out and activated when you come in and pay in person.

How old do I have to be to train at the gym?

Anyone under the age of 18 needs the consent of a parent or guardian to sign up and train at the gym. Those under the age of 14 is allowed to train with a parent or adult supervision.

What are the methods of payment?

Payments by cheque or cash are accepted at this time. Debit and credit card payment will be introduced shortly.

Is there free parking at the gym?

PowerFlex Gym is located in a strip mall with ample free parking.

What should I bring to train?

Always have a towel for personal use, a water bottle and a lock to store your personal belongings in the locker room. PowerFlex supplies all three at a nominal fee in case you forget to bring them in.

Can I bring a friend to train?

Yes! Bring a friend and they pay $10 instead of the regular $15 fee. And if they sign up for a membership within that same week, this fee will automatically be deducted from the total fee before taxes.